PampleSneak - A Passive Party Game

What is a Pamplesneak? I’m so glad you asked! Pamplesneak is a passive party game that is perfectly played in the background of a social event or gathering.


How it Works

The game allows guests to send words/phrases (Pamplesneaks, Sneaks for short) to other guests at a party. Once a guest receives a Sneak, they can then accept or reject it. Accepting the Sneak means that that person has committed to saying that Sneak, audibly, in conversation without anybody realizing they had been told to say it.

If the recipient manages to sneak the word/phrase into conversation, they can mark it as a success. If a guest suspects a Sneaky word or phrase they can yell “PAMPLESNEAK!”. In this case the person being sneaky needs to mark the word as failed. Points are awarded to succesful sneaks.

Now I know what you are thinking… “People can lie!” and I say the following:

  1. This is a silly game, the points don’t matter.
  2. All completed Pamplesneaks (successful or failed) will be published on a public board within the game for others to vote on whether the recipient is telling the truth or not. This public board allows players to see Pamplesneaks that they may have not been around to witness or may want to downvote a Sneak because it never happened. This is also ripe for dishonesty, however, I say, refer back to point number 1.

Future Development

Pamplesneak will be released in Q1 2020. I will update this post once it has been!