Point2Point (A City Exploration Game for Groups)

Point 2 Point is a game developed to help tourists/locals explore/ rediscover their city through narrative riddles. Players could register a team online, enter their team phone numbers and then receive a riddle based tour through different parts of Montreal.

PeasNRice.com (This Blog)

A personal blog to document and showcase my side projects. It is quite meta as the blog itself was a project of mine to create a headless/static blog that was blazing fast and easy to maintain using freely available tools. The site currently receives a Page Insight Speed Score of 99. I use Image Magick to optimize images for upload.

PampleSneak - A Passive Party Game

What is a Pamplesneak? I’m so glad you asked! Pamplesneak is a passive party game that is perfectly played in the background of a social event or gathering.

Make the Most of It

A Web Application designed to help people see what time they have left, inspiring to some, anxiety inducing to others. The purpose was to clearly illustrate how much time you may have left in life so that you can spend it wisely.

r/place Shop - My First Shopify Store

Luck is often thought to be when preparedness meets opportunity, this was not one of those moments. I decided to make a Shopify store based on the creation of r/place. Welcome to rplace Shop, being able to sell custom t-shirts (and other things) in 3 hours!